Stunning landscapes, granite boulders and flora reserves all wait to welcome you at Ruffy.  

Whether you feel like a leisurely stroll or perhaps a cycle, Ruffy is the perfect place to spend some time enjoying the surrounds of nature.  Local produce abounds at the store and you will find something for all tastes at this quirky oasis.

Ruffy is the birthplace of Victoria Cross recipient Leslie Cecil Magyar one of three such recipients from the area.  A scenic drive down through the Ruffy Cutting to Longwood and up the Hume Highway and you can Honour our Heroes – Maygar, Burton & Tubb at the VC Memorial Park in Euroa.

Also known for its vibrant arts community, your visit just may well coincide with one of Ruffy’s latest offerings.

Destinations near Ruffy include Longwood, Yarck, Euroa and Alexandra.


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